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NNQ ENERGY is powered by ORION one of the leading companies in constructions and renewable energy in Greece

NNQ ENERGY is recently founded in Iran by ORION, to enter dynamically the new and very promising solar energy industry in Iran. Based in Tehran and staffed with both European and Iranian expert engineers, supply managers, logistic operators and administrative staff, NNQ ENERGY is in position to utilize ORION's vast experience, providing one more unbeatable competitive advantage: it is located close to the Iranian investor.

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What We Do Leading EPC for turn-key projects, Operation & Maintenance, Expert Assessment, Equipment Supply

  • Engineering

    We always treat every Solar Power Plant as unique. Our technical team designs each solar project in such a way as to maximize both energy production and durability over time, with respect to any specific conditions.

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  • Procurement

    Our expertise in system construction and our international network of manufacturing and supplying brands guarantee that you will get the proper top-quality, durable components for your Solar Power Plant.

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  • Construction

    You can rely on us to implement your investment plans professionally and deliver top quality ready-for-use middle or large scale installations on time.

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  • Operation & Maintenance

    For maximum operational reliability, thus, optimal return on investment throughout the full lifecycle of your plant.

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  • Expert Assessment

    With their expert knowledge, NNQ engineers will provide independent expert reports at every phase of your investment lifecycle.

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  • Equipment Supply

    High-end quality solar modules, tracking systems, frame mounting systems and solar inverters from leading industry manufacturers in Europe and China.

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Iran a first class destination for Solar Power Plants

With its four-season weather and its high solar irradiance,
Iran is a world class destination for Solar Power Plants.
However, attention must be given on specific local characteristics,
such as extreme low and high temperatures, areas exposed
to heavy winds, sandy and sometimes even salty soil.

With our special care and our deep knowledge,
your Solar Power Plant will exceed your expectations.