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Recently founded in Iran by the Greek company ORION ATE, NNQ ENERGY enters dynamically the new and very promising solar energy industry in Iran. Based in Tehran and staffed with both European and Iranian expert engineers, supply managers, logistic operators and administrative staff, NNQ ENERGY is in position to utilize ORION’s vast experience, providing one more unbeatable competitive advantage: it is located close to the Iranian investor.

Come and meet us in our offices in Tehran. Our experience is at your disposal for all stages of your project: from the initial selection of the installation location to the daily management and operation during the lifespan of your Solar Power Plant.




ORION is a construction company operating in Greece for the past 35 years in the fields of Infrastructure, Building and Electro-Engineering Constructions of high standards, in both the public and the private sector. We are distinguished for our top quality output level and for our production process effectiveness, leading to significant time and cost savings. Our multi-aspect know-how and top efficiency of our specialized executives, combined with self-owned equipment, financial soundness and constant expansion of our contracts, enables us to respond successfully to the requirements of the current market for top-most quality and fast project completion, particularly with projects that require complex technological solutions.

ORION insists on providing top quality services. The goal is constant client satisfaction through elimination of any possible miscalculation that may weaken the integrity of design, the performance quality and the timely and safe completion of projects. For this purpose, since 2002, ORION always certifies the Quality Management System for all types of projects running, as per ISO 9001:2008 by CERTECΗ.

ICAP_ORIONBased on the ICAP Rating Score, ORION joined the Community of the “Strongest Companies in Greece”. This distinction classifies ORION as a company with very low credit risk.


Major clients in Greece

ORION’s major clients in Greece include the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Infrastructure, the Athens City Planning and Public Works, the General Air Force Directorate, the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, the Ministry of Health, the National Technical University of Greece, Greece Airports SA, Civil Aviation Service, ISAP S.A., 1-Source Aero Services, the Athens Medical Center, the Alpha Trust Group, Hochtief A.G., J&P, TERNA, Skiathos Marinas, the Bank of Greece, Crafts Industry, the Chamber of Athens, Intracom Constructions, Microsun Energy Systems, Shell Hellas, Texaco, Zara Greece, Solar Attack, Active Green Energy.


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