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During the lengthy lifetime of a solar power plant, several circumstances may cause the need for a professional assessment of your PV system. NNQ engineers consult solar power plant owners, investors, credit institutes and insurance companies by independent expert reports at every phase. Customized analytical reports include climate assessment, project development, due diligence, financing, monitoring and audit of utilized materials and quality of planning and implementation.

Expert assessments are important , for instance, ahead of construction to identify the energy yield for site selection, or as a basis for credit institutes to release funds. Additionally, during the service life of the project, we analyze cause and effect in case we observe reduced energy yields or damage. Thus, we detect any evident deficiency which might occur and consult you on their rectification.

Our expert assessment services: Yield analyses / Solar power plant evaluation reports / Due diligence reports / Utilized materials reports / Reduced yield reports / General consulting & advisory services

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